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Highlights from the original 45 min mix


Action man's alert while on duty or on call
needs to live up to the image that he's the greatest hero of them all like,
when you buy your son his first toy gun, then
watching him grow up deluded that war might be quite fun
violent cartoons encourage him to play fight with his sister
but with conditioning and discipline those scabs soon turn to blisters
excusing his behavior cos 'boys will be boys'
and recoiling when he gets his hands on the real toys
cub scouts go out foraging for seeds & berries
then germinate them to breed little mercenaries
preparing them for conflict for the country is an honour?
well paint a flag on his coffin when he's a goner

woah, woah! hang about mate listen,
your truncated knowledge of progeny needs a little revision
can't you see how you're scarring the unripened fruit of your loins
moulding him into your own toy soldier with real opposable joints
it's far from the army strategy you play with your comrades down the pub
living out your combat fantasies through your own flesh & blood
it's toy guns, war games, television, it's maximum exposure
and if you're askin g me, well, i just don't think that's kosher

(ragga voice)
tek heed now,
mi yute im muss a learn noff respeck
fa dem badman naa wa fi expeck
i an i kyaan grow nuh nancy bwoy
im muss a nuh fear dem bait
ca dem a wiked bloodclot hawt fi
seal im fate
inna di war pon babylon, im box
dem perpetrator
shot dem fi dead, nuh badda
nuh aks question later
im tek dem guilty man,
line dem up fi gainst di wall
cut di riddim an blind dem vision
im show no mercy at all

We are subliminal criminals, sins are typical
of a cynical critical order of pitifuls
miracles are minimal, but scars - unmissable
physical pain unthinkable
warm, hospitable, unpredictable
political principles make things difficult
dispensable, silent but visible...
'that's yer lot' for we dispicable liberals..


from Smash The Sound System, released August 1, 2016
Nafe Parasite/Tha-lidomide MC - Production/MC
Count Blizack - MC

Credit to King Prawn, Bender, Post Mortem, RATM & Hocu Necu



all rights reserved



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