Guantanamo Bass


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webringintha bass torture interro-
gation orders, in short an
abrasive sound that could launch a
thousand mortars, the more
decibels you endure the sharper the
wave in your aorta so
abort your escape plans,
we're covering all corners, we'd like to
cordially invite you to take
part in our program
the vibe we supply'll be
survived by no man
arming offensives within a
pre-emptive strike thats why,
i wanna introduce my krew
on the mic

This is the noize of the gutterpunkz krew, barely
alive & direct spewing objectionable truths
the sewage is overflowin so we open the sluice
so spread your vibe wide, invite all kinds of abuse

we are the peak of the vomit euphoria
the taste that floats in yer throat before you're
drowned by the sound that rebounds the nausea
a vomino-effect that's bound to cause ya
irritation as we test your patience, wiv
breaks n bass that turns your brains to raisins
rattling away on the jarring vibrations
all the way down from your loft to your basement
were yanking on the cord of your nervous cistern
with blistering force that burns with friction
we'll pinch & twist em, puncture & fist em cos
we're on a mission to fuck your system
so lend yer ears or surrender, cos we're
sending yer senses to the blender, bend
your mind open wide and inside we enter
this mental violation.. is uncensored

Youre currently losing sleep to the
gutterpunkz torture playlist
we leave it playin constant to
see just how long you can take this
wiv psychological warfare that
penetrates those awkward places
beatin away on yer ear drums to
make sure you stay awake, its a
cacophonous din that burrows
deep beneath the skin, like a
Psychedelic spillage when it
begins to sink in, so
check your 3d glasses now,
the results are rather grim...
you'll need to be restrained when
Your brain begins leaking..


from Smash The Sound System, released August 1, 2016
Nafe Parasite/Tha-lidomide MC - Production/MC
Mig Stereo Type - MC

Credit to The Clash & Joe Strummer



all rights reserved



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