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Debut Ep from the punk rave rig violators GUTTERPUNKZ KREW collecting a few highlights from their original 45 min mix and a couple of brand new songs, remixed and mastered with added conscious ramblings courtesy of Nafe Parasite, Count Blizack, Stereo Type & Chris The Poet.


released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Guantanamo Bass
webringintha bass torture interro-
gation orders, in short an
abrasive sound that could launch a
thousand mortars, the more
decibels you endure the sharper the
wave in your aorta so
abort your escape plans,
we're covering all corners, we'd like to
cordially invite you to take
part in our program
the vibe we supply'll be
survived by no man
arming offensives within a
pre-emptive strike thats why,
i wanna introduce my krew
on the mic

This is the noize of the gutterpunkz krew, barely
alive & direct spewing objectionable truths
the sewage is overflowin so we open the sluice
so spread your vibe wide, invite all kinds of abuse

we are the peak of the vomit euphoria
the taste that floats in yer throat before you're
drowned by the sound that rebounds the nausea
a vomino-effect that's bound to cause ya
irritation as we test your patience, wiv
breaks n bass that turns your brains to raisins
rattling away on the jarring vibrations
all the way down from your loft to your basement
were yanking on the cord of your nervous cistern
with blistering force that burns with friction
we'll pinch & twist em, puncture & fist em cos
we're on a mission to fuck your system
so lend yer ears or surrender, cos we're
sending yer senses to the blender, bend
your mind open wide and inside we enter
this mental violation.. is uncensored

Youre currently losing sleep to the
gutterpunkz torture playlist
we leave it playin constant to
see just how long you can take this
wiv psychological warfare that
penetrates those awkward places
beatin away on yer ear drums to
make sure you stay awake, its a
cacophonous din that burrows
deep beneath the skin, like a
Psychedelic spillage when it
begins to sink in, so
check your 3d glasses now,
the results are rather grim...
you'll need to be restrained when
Your brain begins leaking..
Track Name: Next Of Skin
We've had enough of your
crap, that's a wrap, cos you're dragging us back
with your phoney, draconian, fabricated facts
you seem to believe our policy is
omitting Britain from the map, but
we will not accomodate the spread of hate & pain
in the name of a flag, that's -
tainted like a rag, in the mud it drags -
unclaimed baggage - part of the package & that's sad
thrive on your pride, but there's no excuse why
it inspires the desires of corrupted minds, you
try to justify why you divide as
pruning population to survive, with
distorted truth diluted to suit the brutality
dispensed without sense of roots
wanna distribute views of disrepute and
recruit new minds to pollute
Track Name: Structural Defects
On the branch at the top of the highest tree
You can survey your prize as long as the eye can see
A position fixed by fraud and deceit
To protect your nest that tempts your enemies
Imaginary lines defined for non-members,where
Many is the man thats attempted to enter
Turned away at the gate by a hate fuelled agenda
The process of vetting dont let in the contenders

A pyramid structure
Designed by committee
With chambers for debate
But no room for pity
Staring up at the peak
The facade seems pretty but
deep beneath the base
The dirt tastes rather gritty

If you
Take away a stone
From a supporting foundation
Youll weaken the structure
Where the weight causes strain, then
Course by course we can
Break down the fabrication
And raze it to the ground
To reclaim all theyve taken

The cement that binds those bricks is defective
Tier by tier it can disappear like tetris
You could tear it down quicker than it was erected
Piece by piece till it ceases to ex-ist
Snap the tension, turn the crank, with the
Strength of a dam thats burst its banks, it
Takes only one defector to break its rank to
witness pecking orders walking the plank
Track Name: Military Surplus
today there's no conscription, and status ain't so tempting, so
you gotta question the integrity of 'good intentions'
if it's something in the just have to tease the surface, to
understand why youth today are seduced by military service
i don't think they see a civilised people and want to free them,
its curious, cos it seems to me to be one of these two reasons,
they never grew out of their toy soldiers cos nobody stopped them,
or it's because they've just exhausted the last of their options

the people keeping check on our civil defense
with bulletproof helmets, thicker than dense
in trembling arms, hold grave consequence
that's poised to bite at the slightest offence
it's volatile, intense,
it's enough to entangle the fragile senses
when married with that slab of strength, it's
a recipe for death at great expense

military man come wid an ulterior motive
shake them loose foundations wid him plans to rock the boat its an
enforced occupation in a place of pure tension
the tendency of people to seek some self-redemption
Track Name: Gutterpunkz Krew VIP Megamix
Action man's alert while on duty or on call
needs to live up to the image that he's the greatest hero of them all like,
when you buy your son his first toy gun, then
watching him grow up deluded that war might be quite fun
violent cartoons encourage him to play fight with his sister
but with conditioning and discipline those scabs soon turn to blisters
excusing his behavior cos 'boys will be boys'
and recoiling when he gets his hands on the real toys
cub scouts go out foraging for seeds & berries
then germinate them to breed little mercenaries
preparing them for conflict for the country is an honour?
well paint a flag on his coffin when he's a goner

woah, woah! hang about mate listen,
your truncated knowledge of progeny needs a little revision
can't you see how you're scarring the unripened fruit of your loins
moulding him into your own toy soldier with real opposable joints
it's far from the army strategy you play with your comrades down the pub
living out your combat fantasies through your own flesh & blood
it's toy guns, war games, television, it's maximum exposure
and if you're askin g me, well, i just don't think that's kosher

(ragga voice)
tek heed now,
mi yute im muss a learn noff respeck
fa dem badman naa wa fi expeck
i an i kyaan grow nuh nancy bwoy
im muss a nuh fear dem bait
ca dem a wiked bloodclot hawt fi
seal im fate
inna di war pon babylon, im box
dem perpetrator
shot dem fi dead, nuh badda
nuh aks question later
im tek dem guilty man,
line dem up fi gainst di wall
cut di riddim an blind dem vision
im show no mercy at all

We are subliminal criminals, sins are typical
of a cynical critical order of pitifuls
miracles are minimal, but scars - unmissable
physical pain unthinkable
warm, hospitable, unpredictable
political principles make things difficult
dispensable, silent but visible...
'that's yer lot' for we dispicable liberals..
Track Name: Nothing Times
I gota question the kind of legacy we left behind
I need a reminder of our species' achievements in our time
For we seldom were a model template for civilisation, based on our
Stamp on history, it seems the museum's beyond curation
shame to represent.the human race? Well, it should be,
We left devastation in our wake, tryna be all we could be
Good deeds that shouldve been artefacts dont retract
From the punishment exacted in a passion for smashing up our own doorstep

From our first day on the planet we were set up to fail
stumbled head first on our coffin and hammered in the first nail, and
when we started fucking and killing family members of our own
we had to be told, "no, no! you're doing it al wrong!"
Our first go at civilisation was chalked up to experience
the bait was tempting, and sense of fear was inferior
our finite resources to natures force was no contest
but we still picked up a stick and agitated the wasps nest
We plundered every plain and the sea of all its creatures
but never made provisions for the ones that eat us
germinated seed till there was nothing to feed us
cos mankind was too belligerent to stitch up his penis

dinosaurs of modern ages
grasped the top vine, and finally we made it
then bit off more than we could chew, its proven and carbon dated
died out in the primordial soup from whence we came..

we couldn't roll away with all the moss that we gathered
we had to be erradicated to reanimate the cadaver
our pencil drawn line between gaul and stupidity
wrapped itself around our necks a hand-finished guillotine